About the Project

Do You Have a Knack for Art? is an international competition of student projects related to issues in contemporary society and fine arts.

The competition was established in the Czech Republic in 2009 as an independent educational platform, which is based on the cooperation with museum and gallery institutions. Since its conception the participating institutions included the National Gallery in Prague, Centre for Contemporary Art DOX and the Moravian Gallery in Brno. The competition is supported also by the Galerie Rudolfinum and many other regional galleries. In 2015 two international galleries, the Slovakian National Gallery in Bratislava and the Hungarian cultural organisation SEMM entered the competition, which since then operates on an international level.

Since 2012 the project has been one of the related events of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. Every year it addresses most of the high school in the Czech Republic. Students work on a selected topic throughout the academic year and present it at one of the hosting institution, which differs each year. Student projects are evaluated by a jury of art professionals including artists, art theoreticians and lecturers.

For Whom?

The competition targets students age 14 to 19 (exceptions allowed). Previous experience in the area of art is not necessary. Students are invited to actively engage with artistic approaches and their importance for the everyday life. The task is to create a group (minimum 2 persons) and work on an artistic project based on the brief. The art project can deal with different areas of individual interests, they can integrate their surrounding etc.


The main goal of the project is to offer students an opportunity to put into practice their creative skills and interests in the context of an environment they live in. Moreover, they can share and discuss their opinions, work on a more complex project, which in one way or another involves their everyday functioning and explore new stimuli. The aim is also to introduce contemporary art as a partner for exploring new connections and new ways of thinking about the man and the world.


September—October: Beginning of the competition, sending the information and application forms to schools

November: application deadline

December—February: Workshops for students in organising institutions (galleries, museums), tutorials for student groups about their projects (on demand)

March: Semifinals, selection of the best 25 projects for the competition’s finale

May: Finals, exhibition of the most interesting projects in the hosting gallery

June: Meeting of the best student groups from the Czech Republic and abroad, exhibition of their work in one of the organising institutions


It is recommended to integrate the project in your teaching plans for social sciences (ŠVP) and utilise it as your goal realisation of the interdisciplinary topics (ENV, MEDV etc.). We are happy to help you with that. For each year the organisers select a topic, which offers not only the option of diverse artistic solutions, but also many connections with topic beyond fine arts: such as science, entertainment and religion. Our pursuit is to draw attention to the position of art as a significant phenomenon closely related to both our society and history. The final art projects have to relate to the selected topic of the year. The execution, choice of artistic approach and medium is entirely optional. It is possible to make use of traditional media such as painting, sculpture and graphics as well as new media like video, photography, computer animation, using social media etc. Only the quality of the work and implementation of the brief is vital for the overall evaluation by a jury.


The competition was established in 2009 as an educational project of the Learning Department in GASK, Kutná Hora. Since then, other institutions participated in the project: National Gallery in Prague, Centre for Contemporary Art DOX, Meet Factory, VCG Pardubice, Lidická Gallery, tranzitdisplay, the Moravian Gallery in Brno and Galerie Rudolfinum. Since 2012, the competition is one of the related events programme of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. “The competition can be understood as a ‘preparatory’ of the future laureates of our most prestigious art award,” comments Karin Kottová, president of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award.

The jury of art professionals includes artists, art theoreticians and lecturers. In previous years the jury consisted of theoreticians Marie Bergmanová, Radomíra Sedláková, Ondřej Chrobák, Karin Kottová, Vanda Skálová, Luba Hédlová, Silvie Šeborová and Jan Skřivánek, the journalist Jan H. Vitvar, artists such as Michal Pěchouček, Pavel Sterec, Markéta Kinterová, Jan Fabián, Milena Dopitová, Marek Meduna, Ondřej Brody, Filip Cenek and Kateřina Šedá. A great number of schools across the Czech Republic took part in the competition – among the participants were schools from Bohemia and Moravia, the award winners come from schools in Mnichovo Hradiště, Jihlava, Prague, and others. The winner is awarded a touring prize created by the sculptor Pavla Sceranková.