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8. Year—2016/2017


Grammar School of Jan Kepler, Prague - Dorothea a Johana Hofmeisterovy


Galerie Rudolfinum, 12. 5. 2017

President of the jury

RIchard Loskot

Other members of the jury

Ondřej Horák, Monika Sybolová, Oldřich Bystřický, Barbora Tribulová, Silvie Šeborová

Extraordinary lecturer’s contribution: Alena Brabcová, Eko-Grammar School and Secondary High School of Multimedia Studies in Poděbrady

As the most interesting project has been selected the work by a sister’s duo Dorothea and Johana Hofmeister from the Grammar School of Jan Kepler in Prague. The project called„KPZ v Oké-Ale“ is mapping the borders of a fictional area visited by a foreigner. There are maps and KPZ (mini survival kit), which helps him to navigate in the area. “Both authors offered an unusual interpretation of borders of the contemporary world as well as the world of their imagination,” says one of the competition’s organizers Ondřej Horák. The winners have been awarded the touring prize from the artist Pavla Sceranková, which has been handed over by Richard Loskot together with the chance to exhibit their work in the Galerie Rudolfinum.


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