MUS Platform

MUS Platform is an educational platform for contemporary fine arts. Our focus is the realisation of educational programmes and concepts of related events for galleries and different types of cultural institutions. Specifically for schools we offer tutorials with professionals and invited artists.

MUS Platform organises art workshops, lectures and discussions. These workshops revolve particularly around current technologies and their application in the artistic practise. Workshops are sponsored by Wacom company and Amos Software that provide applicants with graphic pads for free. Authors who organised MUS workshops include artists such as David Böhm, Jiří Franta, VJ Kolouch, Martin Búřil, Veronika Vlková and Vladimír 518.

Since 2015 we have been preparing special programmes for Festival 4+4 Days In Motion. In 2016 we have created a dramaturgical plan of ongoing special events for MeetFactory in Prague. In the past we have cooperated with the community centre Plechárna on Černý Most and Fotograf Festival (since 2015).

Since 2017/2018 we have been working on offering special programmes for current exhibitions in the most significant galleries in the Czech Republic.