7. year – 2015/2016

High School and College of Art and Design and College in Brno


Winner:  Střední škola umění a designu, stylu a módy, Brno

Students: Adam Směták a Viktorie Kačínová

Extraordinary lecturer’s contribution: Šimon Brejcha, Gymnázium Na Pražačce.

More than a hundred students together with their lecturers participated in the nationwide final.

The jury was most captivated by the project “Backpack” by Adam Směták and Viktorie Kačínová from High School and College of Art and Design in Brno. Their work captured the changing character of landscape and of themselves during a few days trip in the country.

All the collected information, notes and diverse found objects had been saved in an ordinary backpack, which was then presented in the final together with an image presentation. The winners received a travelling prize from the artist Pavla Sceranková and with graphic pads from Wacom and Amos Software. The prize was presented by the artist and member of the jury Kateřina Šedá. “I was most intrigued by the enthusiasm of the students when presented their work. It was not easy to choose the most interesting project, maybe even more works would deserve this acknowledgement,” says the internationally renowned artist.

Among other awarded projects were works by students from the Open Gate Grammar School in Říčany – Babice and Grammar School of Jan Patočka in Prague. The award for the extraordinary lecturer’s contribution in art education was given to the professor Šimon Brejcha from the Grammar School Na Pražačce.


6. year – 2014/2015

High School and College of Art and Design and College in Brno

Winner:  High School and College of Art and Design and College in Brno

Students: Jakub Svoboda a Michaela Mazalová

Final video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ut9hDY-kIQ

Extraordinary lecturer’s contribution: Monika Peková, Gymnázium J. Ortena- Kutná Hora

The jury decided to give the highest award to the multimedia project created by two students from Brno, Jakub Svoboda and Michaela Mazalová. Video, accompanying text and a large-format print together with a humorous as well as critical texts reacting to the current political situation. The timeless and advanced artistic and social output managed to convince the jury unequivocally. Cristian Jankovič and Zuzana Jírová received the special prize Post Bellum for their work commenting on the topic of the WWII. The third place was given to the students from the Grammar School Na Pražačce with their project Funeral of Idols, Grammar School P. Křížkovského from Brno placed second with their performance Let’s Talk Openly. The jury praised the high quality of the majority of works and the approach of students and their lecturers. For the first time the award for an extraordinary lecturer’s contribution was introduced. The winner was Mgr. Monika Peková from the Grammar School of J. Ortena in Kutná Hora awarded for regular participation of her students in the competition as well as the high standard of their work under the lecturer’s guidance.


5. year – 2013/2014

Grammar School of Eliška Krásnohorská, Prague


Winner: Grammar School of Eliška Krásnohorská, Prague

Students under the lead of Mgr. Kateřina Borovičková: Hana Komárková a Michal Werner

Members of the jury were most impressed by the project “Please Sign“ from the students Hana Komárková and Michal Werner. Their work focused on an ordinary signature, which could, however, be perceived as a unique artwork everyone is able to make. Hundreds of collected signatures were attractively arranged in the space of the gallery. “We don´t consider our project complete, it can be endlessly developed,“ says Michal Werner.


4. year – 2012/2013

Secondary School of Applied Arts in Jihlava – Helenín

Winner: Secondary School of Applied Arts in Jihlava – Helenín

Students under the lead of MgA Andrey Demek: Andrea Sobotková, Lenka Zlatušková a Eva Nedorostová

The winning project for the 4th years was titled „Within the Shores alias Where My Home Is“ and made by students from Jihlava-Helenín. The work was created together with asylum-seekers in a refugee camp. This cooperation resulted in creation of a „board game“ and an adapted map with information on native countries of each asylum-seeker. The whole concept was accompanied by a video recording the history of this cooperation. Two common workshops took place within the whole project. The jury constituted by members of the Moravian Gallery, competition’s organisers and curators Silvie Šeberová, Ondřej Chrobák and the artist Filip Čeněk appreciated the inventive approach to the topic and suitably applied combination of artistic outcome and current social topic.


3. year – 2011/2012

Grammar School of Jan Patočka, Prague

Vítězky 3. ročníku soutěže

Winner: Grammar School of Jan Patočka, Prague

The jury comprised of members of art groups (M. Dopitová , M. Meduna) and gallery staff (K. Kottová, M. Kabátníková, T. Jelínková, O. Bystřický a O. Horák) was acquainted with all of the works, students were given the possibility of their own presentation. Ultimately, the winning project was a project by four students of the Grammar School of Jan Patočka in Prague. They created a website with a presentation of their art projects, texts and references, through which they attempted to communicate with people interested in similar topics.

Website called “Nonsenses” can be found under this link: http://teamnonsenses.blogspot.cz


2. year – 2010/2011

Secondary School of Applied Art in Jihlava, Helenín

galerie BACterie

Winner: Secondary School of Applied Art in Jihlava, Helenín

4th grade students of the Secondary School of Applied Art in Jihlava, Helenín organised at the end of November an event to envigorate the public space. Their works as well as works by their classmates were installed and presented on an old wooden cart, which they drove around the important places in the center of Jihlava. Similar events that aim to present art in motion in the city streets can be found in Prague and Brno equally (for example Walking Gallery organized by Denisa Belzová, FaVU student).


1. year – 2009/2010

Grammar School in Mnichovo Hradiště

1. ročník 2009/10

Winner: Grammar School in Mnichovo Hradiště

Students competed right on the main squares of their hometowns. The finalists from each town advanced to the spring final, which took place in June 2010 in the spaces of GASK gallery. More than 30 schools participated in the competition and ten of them advanced to the final. The Grammar School of Mnichovo Hradiště became the very first winner of the competition Do You Have a Knack for Art?. The „Zeroth“ year proved the abilities of hundreds of Czech grammar school students, who demonstrated an increasing interest in the visual arts both in in theoretical and practical field. The competition has also appealed to the teachers from participating schools. Moreover, other galleries and museum institutions indicated their interests as well.