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10. Year – 2018/2019


The topic for the next year of the international educational platform and competition Do You Have a Knack for Art? is Collecting.

Similarly to previous years, we aim to offer students the opportunity to think about the purposes and forms of the given topic in the broadest sense possible. Which object do we keep? How do we sort them and which name tags do we assign to them? What does our collection tell about us? And why do we collect at all?

Collecting is not necessarily connected with a museum collection. We can collect not only paintings, photographs, small objects, but also memories, friends and/or hearts on Instagram. Collection could also be a folder in your computer.

In the 16th century cabinets of curiosities were created. In the 19th century first museums and galleries are opened. In the 70s Andy Warhol put his collection of everyday objects into time capsules and the contemporary artist Damien Hirst is creating a natural history collection. Krištof Kintera, for instance, collects objects on a scarp-heap and creates artworks thereof. How does your own personal collection look like?

We want to know your answers and are looking forward to hearing them!

MUS Platform will be offering its regular workshops and other activities related to the topic.