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8th Year—2016/2017

Gymnázium Jana Keplera, Praha
Jan Kepler Grammar School, Prague

Dorothea and Johana Hoffmeister

Exceptional teaching achievement
Alena Brabcová, Ekogymnázium a SOŠ Multimediálních studií, Poděbrady
EKO Grammar School and Secondary School Multimedia Studio, Poděbrady

The most interesting project was the work of sister duo Dorothea and Johana Hofmeister from the Jan Kepler Grammar School in Prague called “KPZ in Oké-Ale”. The work maps the boundaries of a fictional territory for a stranger. These maps were created for him and KPZ (last rescue box) so that he can use it for orientation in that unknown territory.

“Both authors offered an unusual representation of the borders of both the contemporary world and the world of their imagination,” says one of the organizers of the competition Ondřej Horák.

The reward for the authors of the winning project is a travelling prize from artist Pavla Sceranková, given by the artist Richard Loskot, and the opportunity to exhibit their work at the Rudolfinum Gallery.

The exceptional teaching achievement this year was awarded to Alena Brabcová from EKO Grammar School and Secondary School Multimedia Studio, Pardubice.