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10th Year—2018/2019

Střední umělecká škola, Ostrava
High School of Art, Ostrava

Hedvika Ocásková and Matěj Sumec

Exceptional teaching achievement
Kateřina Borovičková, Gymnázium Elišky Krásnohorské v Praze
Grammar School of Eliška Krásnohorská, Prague

More than 100 students from many schools and their teachers participated in the national finals. The competition jury was most impressed by the project of two students, Hedvika Ocásková and Matěj Sumec from High School of Arts in Ostrava. The final work captures their project carried out directly at the school. They put black covers on all the artwork displayed on the walls of the school. This resulted into an art collection of works that could not be seen.

,,We were impressed by the uncompromising nature of the project and the efforts of students to actively and critically participate in their surroundings. In addition, their ‘collection’ offers other possible interpretations”, says jury representative Lucia Kotvanová from Kunsthalle Bratislava.

The reward for the authors of the winning project is a traveling prize from artist Pavla Sceranková and the opportunity to exhibit their works in the premises of the DOX Center for Contemporary Art in Prague or also graphics tablets from Wacom / Amos Software.