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4th Year—2012/2013
“Columbus Discovers the Shores of America”


Secondary School of Applied Arts in Jihlava - Helenín

The best project that met this year’s assignment and enriched it with an imaginative solution was called „Within the Shores alias Where Is My Home“ by students from Jihlava – Helenín.

The project called „Within the Shores alias Where My Home Is“ made by students from Jihlava-Helenín most closely met this year´s criteria and improved it with an inventive solution. The work was created together with asylum-seekers in a refugee camp. This cooperation resulted in creation of a „board game“ and an adapted map with information on native countries of each asylum-seeker. The whole concept was accompanied by a video recording the history of this cooperation. Two common workshops took place within the whole project. The jury constituted by members of the Moravian Gallery, organisers of MUS? and curators Silvie Šeberová, Ondřej Chrobák and the artist Filip Čeněk appreciated the inventive approach to the topic and suitably applied combination of artistic outcome and current social topic.