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7th Year—2015/2016
Portrait vs Self-Portrait


High School and College of Art and Design and College in Brno


Adam Směták and Viktorie Kačínová

Exceptional pedagogical achievement

Šimon Brejcha, Grammar School Na Pražačce

More than a hundred students together with their lecturers participated in the nationwide finale.

The jury was most captivated by the project “Backpack” by Adam Směták and Viktorie Kačínová from High School and College of Art and Design in Brno. Their work captured the changing character of landscape and of themselves during a few days trip in the country.

All the collected information, notes and diverse found objects had been saved in an ordinary backpack, which was then presented in the finale together with an image presentation. The winners received a travelling prize from the artist Pavla Sceranková and with graphic pads from Wacom and Amos Software. The prize was handed over by the artist and member of the jury Kateřina Šedá. “I was most intrigued by the enthusiasm of the students that presented their work. It was not easy to chose the most interesting project, maybe even more works would deserve this acknowledgement,” says the internationally renowned artist.

Among other awarded projects were works by students from the Open Gate Grammar School in Říčany – Babice and Grammar School of Jan Patočka in Prague. The award for the extraordinary lecturer’s contribution in art education was given to the professor Šimon Brejcha from the Grammar School Na Pražačce.