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12. Year – 2020/20201



For this year’s MUS? competition we chose the theme Idol.

– What role do different idols play in today’s world full of constant change and turbulence?

– How can we perceive the current rejection of historical idols, the felling of statues, the debate about their true meaning?

– Have you ever had an idol? Do you have an idol today? Is it more of a role model or a revered idol? A symbol or a significant icon?

– Does the word “idol” have a positive or negative impression for you? And how has it been in the past? What role have historically played charismatic leaders, skillful manipulators, dictators, modern gods and goddesses?

– What is their significance for the functioning of society, entertainment, influence on people’s thinking and values?

The MUS educational platform will again offer various workshops and events on the topic.

The most interesting semifinal projects will be selected and participate in the finals. The winning project will be presented at an international meeting with other winners from Slovakia and Hungary.

The author of the visual style is Klára Zápotocká from Studio Breisky.

1. Record of a lecture “Access to Art” by Bojana Coclyat

What is the approach to people with disabilities in the Czech Republic? A Fulbright scholar Bojana Coclyat conducted a research in the Czech art galleries and shares with us the results and her personal experience with the Czech gallery environment.

The record of the lecture organized by MUS? platform this March is available in this link.

2. The finals of the 11th year of MUS

This year was undoubtedly the most difficult year for the student’s art projects. The MUS platform luckily completed the final exhibition at the Moravian Gallery in Brno.

Until Sunday, June 21, 2020, it is possible to get acquainted with the most interesting student projects in the Governor’s Palace in Brno. This year’s common theme “Butterfly Effect” offered students to work with the idea that even the slightest change can have big consequences.

For the first time in the history of our competition, the award was divided between two groups of participants. The jury was most interested in the animation of the students Miroslav Koudela and Daniil Masagutov from the Eliška Krásnohorská Grammar School and a multi-layered project done by three students David Schwarz, Marie Růžičková and Vincent P. Klusák from another Prague Grammar School Na Zatlance. For the exceptional pedagogical work was awarded Niké Silná from the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Uherské Hradiště.

3. Awarded projects of the 11th year

Butterfly effect awards received the following projects.

PRAGUE, Gymnázium Elišky Krásnohorské
Mirek Koudela, Daniil Masagutov: Bez názvu

PRAGUE, Gymnázium Na Zatlance
David Schwarz, Marie Růžičková, Vincent P. Klusák: Kde kyne strach?

Adéla Podrazká, Marta Satorová, Natálie Klusalová: Kdo stojí ve dveřích
Link to the gallery

PRAGUE, Gymnázium Jana Nerudy
Eliška Soperová, Julie Soperová, Ellen Hessová, Karolina Nessmith: Frustrace

Special award for for the artistic approach
BRNO, Gymnázium, třída Kapitána Jaroše
Ema Knoblochová, Klára Šebestová a Andrea Večerková: NWVideo not available

Special award for the best presentation of the project
PRAGUE, Gymnázium prof. Jana Patočky
Veronika Tůmová, Michala Hálková, Gabriela Höschlová, Louisa Havránková: Kdy se cesta mění v snění