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About MUS

What do we want?
We want to change the public’s thinking about the meaning and significance of art education. We want to support creative abilities and develop creativity throughout our society. We try in various ways to connect primary and secondary schools more deeply with our gallery institutions. We promote current social issues in combination with contemporary forms of visual art. We offer the opportunity to think differently about the art education in primary and secondary schools. We believe in importance of creativity development as essential for the quality of life in our society.

1. The art lessons are not inferior!
2. The art develops the creativity and empathy of students!
3. The art is not graded!
4. The art is not just “handicraft” activity!
5. The history of art begins today and ends in the past! Let’s talk about contemporary art and look for its
connections to the past.
6. The art, music and drama education belong together! Let’s combine them into one teaching block!
7. Being creative means being brave. It is necessary to support both students and teachers!
8. Art education, time of creativity! Teachers of creativity!

The MUS platform

The MUS platform is an educational platform in the field of contemporary art. It focuses on the implementation of permanent programs and the creation of accompanying programs for galleries and various cultural institutions. The platform provides consultations with experts and artists for students and teachers of the secondary schools. MUS also creates animated mini series about fine arts to support art education. Another platform’s activity is placement of art works in public space, integration of foreign students in art competitions or creation of art textbook for students to make contemporary art accessible for high schools.

Appendix Art
The Appendix Art is a MUS project placing artworks in a public space. Therefore a new relationships between the artwork and the surrounding environment can arise, creating a dialogue that should help to open up a variety of social or artistic topics. As part of the Appendix Art, we place artworks in non-gallery spaces. Among our implemented projects are installations at the Krásný Dvůr chateau by Krištof

Kintera, the duo artworks of Jiří Franta and David Böhm, Iveta Čermáková and Eliška Perglerová or installations by Matěj Smetana and Aleks Yordanová at the PKC in Prague.