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Krištof Kintera: Disappearing

The first project of Appendix is the work Disappearing by Krištof Kintera placed  in the courtyard of the Krásný Dvůr Chateau in West Bohemia. The object was installed in March 2018 by the artist directly in the chateau. This is the first attempt  to place a contemporary artwork in this historical environment.

The sculpture Disappearing evokes a form of a small hill covered in snow and/or a pile of snow on the street. In a comprehensive way Krištof Kintera transforms a classical sculpture into an object representing a gradual change of matter (melting snow), which is complemented by a reference to a city aesthetics. The sculpture reflects the city  in a symbolic form of salt and gravel mixed with snow from the streets. These gray piles of snow obstructing the pavements remain as a vague memory of the fairy-tale like city covered in snow and served as Kintera’s inspiration for creating this work.


Matěj Smetana: Laundry

Another art installation is the work Laundry by Matěj Smetana conceived directly  for the atrium of Prague Creative Center.

The installation could be perceived in several different ways. At first sight the flags suggest the impression of hanging laundry, so typical for the historical courtyard galleries. Yet, at the same time they represent a sequence of film frames with  an imagined movement of a flag. As a result, an optical illusion of a 3-D movement  on a two-dimensional surface of the canvas is created.

Ondřej Horák and collective: Prague – Borders

This long-term project of Ondřej Horák is based on a collaboration with artists and foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Since January 2018 several projects have been created as a mutual work by artists from abroad currently living and working  in the Czech Republic. This collaboration will climax in an exhibition as a part  of the Festival 4+4 Days in Motion in 2018.