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The MUS Platform regularly prepares an educational programme for the Festival 4+4  Days in Motion targeting students from secondary and primary schools, who had  the opportunity to participate in educational activities, guided tours and workshops.

Artists, students and lecturers working together with the platform prepared for  the 22. festival issue an interactive space in the Karlín Barracks. Artists Petra Pětiletá and Eva Jiřička created a room, which in an unconventional way presented the history of the barracks and enabled the visitors to experience this history first-hand.  The winners of the last year’s competition, Dorothea and Johana Hofmeister from Grammar School of Jan Kepler in Prague together with Anna Vohralíková were also invited to create a site-specific installation. The space for educational programme was visually interconnected with the drawings of the Czech illustrator Kakalík.