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6th Year—2014/2015
Political Art


High School and College of Art and Design and College in Brno


Jakub Svoboda and Michaela Mazalová

Exceptional pedagogical achievement

Monika Peková, Grammar School of J. Ortena in Kutná Hora

The jury decided to give the highest award to the multimedia project by two students from Brno, Jakub Svoboda and Michaela Mazalová. Video, accompanying text and a large-format print together with a humorous as well as critical text reacting to the current political situation. The timeless and advanced artistic and social output managed to convince the jury unequivocally. Cristian Jankovič and Zuzana Jírová received the special prize Post Bellum for their work commenting on the topic of the WWII. The third place was given to the students from the Grammar School Na Pražačce with their project Funeral of Idols, Grammar School P. Křížkovského from Brno placed as second with their performance Let’s Talk Openly. The jury praised the high quality of the majority of works and the approach of students and their lecturers. For the first time the award for an extraordinary lecturer’s contribution was introduced. The winner was Mgr. Monika Peková from the Grammar School of J. Ortena in Kutná Hora awarded for regular participation of her students in the competition as well as the high standard of their work under the lecturer’s guidance.

Winner’s video