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The interactive website Proč umění? was launched this week

The interactive website Proč umění? was launched this week, presenting contemporary art in
an entertaining and understandable way. The project contributes to online education during the coronavirus epidemic.

The educational platform Máš umělecké střevo? launched the Central
European online project Why Art? (, based on the
successful publication of the same name. The interactive website represents a
joint work of an international team of authors and museum educators who in
recent years have created a list of the most frequently asked questions in art
galleries, and provide the answers to the art works of the largest Central
European art collections. The aim of the project is to make contemporary art
accessible primarily to students and point out its connections with the art
history and the past. The interactive website includes available accompanying
material for students and teachers designed to support the quality of art
education in primary and secondary schools.
The project is accompanied by many pictures and captivating illustrations by
artist Kakalík. It offers stories of individual artists and art works that have
shaped the form of art of the last century. In addition to the most frequently
asked questions, the interactive website also offers the possibility of creating
your own work, searching for individual art works on a timeline or a gallery

The authors of the texts are representatives of the most important galleries
from the Czech Republic (National Gallery Prague, Center for Contemporary
Art DOX, Moravian Gallery in Brno), Slovakia (Slovak National Gallery),
Hungary (Ludwig Museum Budapest) and Germany (Staatliche
Kunstsammlungen Dresden), connected under the educational platform Máš
umělecké střevo?..
The author of the web concept is Martina Freitagová (Máš umělecké střevo?)
and the co-author the Netvarec studio.