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9th Year—2017/2018


High School and College of Art and Design in Brno


Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia  in the National Gallery in Prague, 18. 5. 2018

President of the jury

Kateřina Vincourová

Other members of the jury

Oldřich Bystřický, Barbora Danišová, Ondřej Horák, Monika Sybolová, Jiří Raiterman, Tereza Záchová

This ninth year of the competition focused on the topic called Identity. Students were given the task to work with different types of identity – artistic identity, national identity, individual identity. They have been working on their projects throughout the academic year and afterwards had the chance to present the work in front of a jury with representatives of the biggest gallery institutions from Central Europe.

The nationwide finals was attended by more than one hundred students together with their lecturers. The most interesting project selected by the jury is called “Entity” by four students from the High School and College of Art and Design in Brno (Kristýna Kučerová, Dorota Václavíková, Tereza Hlouchová, Tereza Dostálová). The artwork features a video with its authors in a gym carrying out various activities while spontaneously complementing each other. „The authors offered a simple and at the same time very complex interpretation of the topic Identity both artistically and choreographically. An important role played the close collaboration of the girls, which were complementing each other,“ says the president of the jury Kateřina Vincourová. The prize for the winning authors is the touring award by the artist Pavla Sceranková as well as the opportunity to exhibit their work in the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia  in the National Gallery in Prague and also the graphic pads from the company Wacom/Amos Software.

The international jury awarded five more projects:

2. place

Who is Eva K.?: Anna Vohralíková, Klára Churá, Ester Pistorová (lecturer Lenka Štorková) – Gymnázium Cheb

3. místo
Proust Questionaire: Eva Antošová, Simona Eliášová (lecturer Zuzana Janečková) – High School and College of Art and Design in Brno

Special Awards:

Murmur: Helena Heinrichová, Vanesa Valovičová, Jiří Uher, Julie Černá (lecturer Roman Šafránek) – SŠPU Hodonín

Dreams About a Real Identity: Luboš Hradec, Miroslav Mužík (lecturer Alena Brabcová) – Ekogymnázium a SOŠ Multimediálních studií

le point d’interrogation: Nikol Hašková, Johanka Říhová (lecturer Radka Manáková) – Gymnázium Teplice

Moreover, Jana Polášková from the Grammar school of J. Seifert in Prague was awarded for an exceptional pedagogical achievement.

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