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3rd Year—2011/2012
Create Your Own Art Group


Gymnázium Prof. Jana Patočky – Praha


DOX – Centre for Contemporary Art, 18. 5. 2012

President of the jury

Other members of the jury

Milena Dopitová, Michaela Kabátníková, Karin Kottová, Tereza Jelínková, Ondřej Horák, Oldřich Bystřický, Marek Meduna

After the last year’s search for the ideal gallery space the organisers decided to prove the ability of the students to work in groups. The evaluation criteria included the quality of the project and its potential to address the surroundings and/or general public. Student works (from schools in Prague, Brno, Jihlava, Poděbrady and others) differed the most in the search for the right target group. Students from Brno renovated the toilets in their school and the project presentation was linked with an opening and a guided tour. Last year’s winners from Jihlava – Helenín looked up issues, which were important for most of the city’s inhabitants. However, the following performance (cleaning up the trash in the centre of Jihlava) attracted only a minimum participants. Students from the Grammar School of Jan Patočka worked on the highest number of topics and one of them even won the first prize. The jury was presented with professional music outputs (music video on a hip-hop parody), diverse quality of video work as well as photographic projects. Artists (M. Dopitová, M. Meduna) and gallery professionals (K. Kottová, M. Kabátníková, T. Jelínková, O. Bystřický and O. Horák) got acquainted with all of the works through student’s presentations. Ultimately, the jury decided to award the project by four students from the Grammar School o Jan Patočka in Prague. They created a website with a presentation of their art projects, texts and references, through which they attempted to communicate with people interested in similar topics. In addition to the whole-day event in DOX other activities took place, which aimed to introduce to students the current exhibitions with a small witty competition. At the end, the touring prize (whose author is Pavla Sceranková) was handed over by the artist Marek Meduna.

Click here to see the finals’ video.


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