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2nd Year—2010/2011
Create Your Art Gallery


Střední uměleckoprůmyslová škola Jihlava – Helenín, students of 4th grade


National gallery in Prague, 18. 5. 2011

President of the jury

Other members of the jury

Monika Sybolová, Michaela Kabátníková, Markéta Kinterová, Radomíra Sedláková, Daniela Valešová, Marie Bergmanová, Jan Fabián, Ondřej Horák a Oldřich Bystřický

The competition’s finale was attended by students with the most interesting works. The intention of the whole competition was among others to get acquainted with the demands on the contemporary gallery and museum institutions. Among the most frequented criteria of all the projects were interactivity, multimediality and the general interest in groups secluded socially and based on their health. As part of the standard offer of the galleries the students stated also cafes, spaces for children, interactive exhibition spaces and the interconnection of galleries with other cultural venues such as cinema, library and reading rooms. They would like to have the possibility to go to galleries also at night, set meetings there, watch a movie and even have a sleepover. Why not? Not to be a passive observer, actively participate and beside new information also to gain a new experience, all of this came out of student projects from Čelákovice, Mnichovo Hradiště, Kutná Hora and other cities. Current students do not accept institutional spaces as untouchable territories and not necessarily they respect artworks without a solid ground. During the finale students presented ideas about their own exhibition, created an architectural draft of their own gallery or a museum, prepared its exhibition programme as well as the installation methods together with a graphic design of a poster. Ultimately, the jury chose a project by the student group from the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Jihlava – Helenín. With their gallery BACTerie (because art is contagious) they decided to create an interesting architectural space and what is more a place, which is seeking the answer to “What is art?”. They looked for the answer to this question in their immediate surrounding and the results prompted them to create the concept of a gallery. Their aim was to actively work in their region, to be a moving factor presenting contemporary art and finding possibilities of its interpretation. This is a was of thinking of 16-year old students.

The award was handed over by the artist Pavel Sterec.



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